Friday, August 6, 2010

Portable Sonar for Inflatable Boats Humminbird

The Humminbird PiranhaMax 230 Portable Fish Finder is a for recreational anglers ready for a step up from factory-installed fish finders. The PiranhaMax 230 offers incredible ease of use with true, grayscale images and a host of convenient features, making it the perfect companion for your fishing outings
The Humminbird PiranhaMax 230 uses dual 20-degree and 60-degree sonar beams that operates on the 200 kHz and 83 kHz frequencies to a depth of 600 feet, as well as a SmartCast 90-degree single-beam wireless sonar with an operating range of 100 feet to a depth of 120 feet. Able to cover a wider area for fish, and give more precise bottom detail, this fish finder reliably provides a target separation of only 2.5 inches. This unit utilizes a high-speed, microdynamic transducer that provides optimum performance even at top speeds, and includes water temperature via the transducer.
The PiranhaMax 230 has a high-definition, 4-inch FSTN LCD display with 160 x 132 lines of resolution in 4-level grayscale that delivers a clearly better image of the bottom, fish and structure. The 230 features an Easy One-Touch control that accesses its full set of advanced functions such as Selective FishID+ with target depth, the three-level backlight for night fishing, and the ability to see fish below as solid symbols and around the boat as hollow symbols. This unit also features user-controlled zoom, sensitivity, depth range, bottom view, chart speed controls and alarms for fish and depth. All the information you want can be viewed at a glance on the 230's big, easy-to-read digital readouts, which can be enhanced via such features as the high-contrast bottom black viewing option.
Made to go anywhere, the PiranhaMax 230 Portable includes a feature memory that retains your settings between uses, a rugged carrying case, and a no-skid bottom that combines with its ultra-compact size to allow it to mount virtually anywhere. The 230 comes with a XHS 9 20 T Suction Cup transducer that mounts on most aluminum, wood and fiberglass hulls with smooth surface, and a built-in transducer cable wrap with a cover. The Humminbird PiranhaMax 230 measures 4.375 x 6.125 x 3.25 inches (W x H x D), is built tough with fully gasketed and waterproof construction, and is backed by a manufacturer's one-year warranty.

What's in the Box

PrianhaMax 230 portable fish finder with carrying case, Humminbird XHS 9 20 T transducer, 20-foot transducer cable with wrap and cover, suction-cup transducer mount, user's manual and warranty information.
This is truly the most versatile, portable fishfinder on the Market. The 230 PT can be used like a traditional fishfinder with the suction cup transducer. Or, you can use it with the SmartCast wireless system to locate fish under docks or anywhere you can cast the SmartCast Advanced Remote Sensor(RSS). It can even be used without a boat. The RSS includes a 4 level Grayscale sonar, water surface temperature readings and a programmable light for night fishing. The portable unit's 60 degree Dual Beam sonar is optimized for bottom and structure clarity with wide coverage and up to 600 feet of depth capability. It all packs away in a rugged, portable case. Operates on 8AA alkaline batteries.

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